My passion for photography started a young age and has grown into something that is truly  part of me.  I honestly cannot tell you a time that I haven’t been somewhere and the thought, “that would be a great shot” doesn’t pop into my head.  It is a thrilling feeling for me to snap the shutter and just know I captured something special, especially a rare moment or maybe a different perspective on something that others may not notice.

I don’t like to confine myself by putting a label on what I create.  I certainly have subjects I like to shoot more than others but I like the freedom of shooting anything that catches my eye and creating an image that can come from any corner of my imagination.  I do like a challenge which is why I am probably drawn to concert and wildlife photography most often.  Successfully grabbing that precise moment that life meets lighting, meets the spot on composition, really is satisfying.   The more emotion and feeling that bleeds through the better, where anyone looking at the shot feels like they were there.

One of my favorite things to do is to grab my camera, load up my dogs in the car and just drive down random highways and dirt roads, shooting whatever I come across.  Sometimes I find just a few good shots and sometimes I find gold, like an abandoned sofa along a country road or that old car parked in the middle of the yard next to a tree.  You don’t know what you’ll end up with and that’s the adventure.

My work in digital art really grew from seeing the potential of enhancing or transporting a subject that I’ve shot into another place or time, or maybe showing what a slight twist of the imagination can bring. I’m inspired by many different things.  Sometimes a lyric in a song that pops a vivid picture in my mind, sometimes its building on something I glimpsed in a movie or an idea may pop in randomly while driving.  I usually have at least 4-5 ideas jotted down at any given time.  Creating art for a theme is always fun as well.  Having that assignment often gives direction to some of those ideas I have scribbled down and it also pushes me to create something new that might not have popped into my head otherwise.  The best thing about being a digital artist is sculpting a concept into creation that really has endless possibilities.

I can’t imagine life without a camera in my hand.  My goal is to just keep shooting and creating photographs and art that entertain me and hopefully along the way, speak to others.  As a photographer and artist you hope that people appreciate your eye and what you are able to create.  A great feeling is when someone shares they really like one of my pieces and better yet, was inspired to chase their dream.

I have always felt being a photographer is more about being aware of what’s around you, having an appreciation for the little things and possessing the eye to capture the essence of the moment so it can be shared.


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